We confirm what services are required to meet your needs and put together a scope of works


You have 3 options to choose from:

  • Consult with your chosen architect
  • Select one of our existing floorplans and facades
  • Work with us and architects to create a custom floorplan


  • Fomal building contracts are prepared
  • Finance applications are created
  • We prepare for building approval
  • All buliding specifications and builder’s insurance are sent to council for DA approval (approx 6 weeks)

01. Site works

Site works may involve demolishing an existing home or building retaining walls and flattening the surface to prepare it for slab.

02. Slab down

The slab down stage is when the concrete slab gets poured. This forms the foundation of the home. All foundation plumbing works are prepped before the slab is poured.

03. Frame

During this period, the structure of the frame is built and the eaves are created.

04. Structure commencement

In the structure stage, external and internal brick walls are constructed. Electricians, plumbers, and engineers install essential wiring and pipes for power, water and gas.


The placement of the roof on the home can come in the form of either roof tiles or Colorbond steel. Once the roof is completed the gutters are added.


This is the stage when the doors and windows throughout the home can be locked. Your home is now secure, leaving plumbers, electricians, tilers and carpenters to complete their work.

07. Plastering

As this stage is close to the completion of the entire build, the insulation and plastering is fitted onto the internal walls.

08. Cabinets, fixtures and fittings

Here, all kitchen, laundry and bathroom cabinets and benchtops, tiling, tapware, mirrors, toilet, basins, baths and shower screens are fixed into position.

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Our new display Lyndarum North opened in 2020. Here we have two new homes, open for inspection in the long line of quality build offerings "The Auburn" and "The Melville".