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On Time and On Budget

Stay on-time and on-budget with our project guidelines and assistance. Let us get your home built with the right application of design, material estimations, on-site changes and last-minute requests.

Home building company, GJ Gardner homes, recently conducted a survey of 500 homeowners who had built their homes in the last decade. The research uncovered this fact:

Almost two-thirds (62.5%) of Owner-Builders ran over their budget.

There are lots of reasons a project runs over budget. These are some of the more significant and avoidable ones that, in our experience, can have a big impact on the end delivery.

Some tips for building a house on time and budget from Smart Property Investment Australia  include:

•    Talk directly with your builder and maintain clear lines of communication

•    Be upfront about the budget and expectations with your builder

•    Watch out for unavoidable costs like site costs, soil tests, levels, bush fire and energy ratings

•    Once you’ve settled on the design, try and stick to it and avoid cost blowouts

•    Get the final price before signing the building contract

•    Read and fully understand your contract

•    Try and get onsite during key stages of construction, such as when the slab’s laid, frame’s erected, at lock-up, fix-out and on completion.



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